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I am so excited to share with you what Personal Brand Photography is all about

and how it can massively grow your business.

Investing in high-quality photography is a must because much like when hunger sets in and we tend to shop with our eyes, purchases for products and/or services often become more of a decision based on an emotional connection.

As an entrepreneur, visuals play a central role in delivering the personality of you and your brand.

Your branding is about influencing the way potential clients think about you and your business or your product – it’s how they are able to connect with you.

Brand photography is a fairly new niche in the industry and is a wonderful way of incorporating the various elements of your business into beautiful imagery by presenting a lifestyle that inspires and resonates with your ideal client or target audience.

These days, with the rise of social media and smartphones in every person’s hands, every aspect of marketing includes visuals.  However, the key to creating a successful brand and marketing strategy is the what, where and how you use these visuals.

This is where Personal Brand Photography comes in.

A gorgeous collection of customized imagery allows you to:


Communicate your story


Showcase your aesthetics


Attract your ideal clients

Your goal as a high-level entrepreneur is to build a strong brand online and otherwise.  We constantly see the value of professional high-quality images, but who has the time to fuss with all the details?  Certainly, one gets tired of all the do-it-yourself photography, not to mention the fact that selfies do become rather tedious and look unprofessional.  Having a library of images to pull from can save you a ton of time, energy and resources.

Here is a list to show you where and how your imagery can be best applied:


Blog post

Price Guide

Press release

Event Invite

Profile pic / Bio

Email signature

Thank you cards

Welcome Packet

Ads / Store Display

eBook / eCommerce

Newsletter / Magazine

Brochure / Rack Card / Mailer

Business card / Business App

Search Engines: Pinterest / Google

Samples of Personal Brand Photography

Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.” 

– John Jantsch

When you have a beautiful collection of images, you are ready to share at any given time. 

You also avoid the stress of preparing for an impromptu photo shoot – for example:


Not knowing and therefore possibly not feeling comfortable with the photographer


Ending up with images that do not really reflect you or your brand


Spending extra time and money preparing clothes, hair, makeup, nails, etc.

Marketing gurus agree that a winning brand needs to stand for something of value to its clientele. It’s important to be purposeful, compelling, captivating, recognizable and most of all consistent.  As an entrepreneur you are the public face of your business.  This is also called being your own Brand Ambassador – just like Rolex would hire a super athlete to be their Brand Ambassador or in the same way Adidas has chosen a supermodel to be theirs.

When you give access to yourself as a person it allows your potential clients to feel closer to you which in turn makes it easier for you to establish trust and confidence.  People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Here are some thoughts to ponder if creating your own Personal Brand piques your interest:


What makes you an expert in
your field?


What is unique
about you and what you do?


Why is what you do
unique and how can you help people with your attributes?


do you wish for people to think or say about you when they think of your name?


What do you want people
to see when they type your name on Google/other search engines?


What colors or
locations or themes do you wish to share on social media to promote your craft?

How Does It Work?

I offer custom-styled photos to match your brand.

I shoot images through a lifestyle approach which results in imagery that is authentic and relatable. 

My services are geared to perfectly tell your story in order to attract the right people to your business.

Are you ready to make your dream Personal Brand Photography shoot a reality?

Here are a few things you will take away from your session with me:


Beautiful imagery
that attracts your ideal client


Library of photos to use on social media, blog posts, etc.


Professional headshots ready to send for press releases and publications


Gorgeous images that are genuine and relevant to you and your business


Behind-the-scenes stories that show your workspace and your creative process


Photographs of you and your team or whomever you wish to share in your venture


Photography that is unique, customized and which sets you apart from others in your industry

Here are samples of a few Personal Brand Photography clients I have worked with:

Real estate agent 

Hypnotist / Therapist


Tactical instructor

Make-up artist

Talent Manager

Fashion Designer

Wardrobe Stylist


Graphic Designer



Once you are ready, here is the plan:

We will sit together or chat online to discuss what you envision for your brand.

I suggest that you make a list of 5 to 7 themes about yourself which you would like to share. To use myself as an example, I would choose the following themes:

  • Mommy of two
  • Adore my hubby
  • Love my pets – dogs & parrots
  • Into nature & the outdoors
  • Love yoga
  • Love gardening
  • Photographer

Once you have picked your themes we will arrange a date and time to shoot.

I would suggest half a day for 2-3 themes or a full day for up to 5 or 7 themes.

We will photograph you in a variety of situations but always incorporating your personal themes.

Once you have your images in hand I would suggest you create a plan for your social media posts.

To use myself as an example, I would consider posting images with respect to my Lifestyle as follows:

  • Mondays – photography
  • Tuesdays – yoga
  • Wednesdays – pets
  • Thursdays – nature/outdoors
  • Fridays – gardening
  • Saturdays – spouse/family
  • Sundays – mother/children

You will use these themes over and over again, however, the stories you share with each image will be different.  I will discuss and explain in detail the whole “themes & stories” concept and how you can maximize your engagement online via social media.

I would suggest shooting every 3-4 months as the best strategy to keep your imagery up to date. 


Here’s a rough guide demonstrating how to best organize and

make the best use of your Personal Brand Photography images over a 3-month (or 90 day) period:

Set of 30 able to post every three days

Set of 60 able to post every business day

Set of 90 able to post every day


As your Personal Brand Photographer my promises to you:


I will show you and your business in the best light


I will allow you to edit the images - you are free to do with them as you like to fit your brand


I will not ask you to credit me for the photography (unless you wish to do so)

Still need convincing? Check out my portfolio.

If you have any other questions at all or if you’re ready to get started, please use the contact form below and request your preferred collection. I looked forward to hearing from you!

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