So there you are all dolled up and ready to go! The photo shoot is set to go and you are all hyped for your Personal Brand session but wait, how do you pose? And does it matter?

The answer is a resounding YES! It matters very much what you do with your body if you want to come across as confident.

Here is a list of some power poses which you can use in your own photo shoot and especially in your life.

These poses will come in handy whether you are a boss or a parent or applying for a position or making a sale.

There is scientific evidence that proves that “power posing” – meaning standing or sitting in a certain way – even for as little as two minutes per day raises testosterone levels while at the same time lowering cortisol
levels. What does this mean and why should you care? Basically, higher levels of testosterone – in both men and women – leads to increased feelings of confidence while lower levels of cortisol lead to a decrease in anxiety which in turn improve the ability to deal with stress.

If you are interested to find out more details about this fascinating phenomenon social psychologist Amy Cuddy did an amazing “ TED Talk about it (TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short
yet powerful talks – 18 minutes or less): 

In a nutshell – believe it or not – the way you sit or stand immediately changes your chemistry. If you take a moment to understand body language This in turn affects the way you do your job, the way you interact with
other people and even how you generally feel as you go about your day. The above mentioned research found these stunning results:

• High power poses increase Testosterone by 20%
• High power poses decrease Cortisol by 25%

So not only will you LOOK confident and powerful in these following poses, you will also FEEL better!

Power Pose #1

Place your hands on a desk or table – lean forward

Power Pose #2

Stand up tall – puff out your chest – put your hands on your hips – stand with your feet apart

Power Pose #3

Put your feet up on your desk or table – place your hands behind your head – lean back

Power Pose #4

Keep your knees apart – recline with your arms spread on the back of the chair or lean forward

Power Pose #5

While seated cross one leg over the other – place your hands behind your head – recline

Poses NOT To Do

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