There you are taking one last look in the mirror to make sure you are looking as gorgeous and perfect as you feel and… YES you are on point!

However, when you lift your arm up to spray one last spritz of perfume over your head before you walk outthe door, to your horror you almost faint from your own underarm stench – this is after lovingly applying your
favorite fancy deodorant – and I mean the 100th one you have tried in the past several years – what is happening???

I totally get it as this is the exact same frustrating “beauty” challenge I experience for years and years until I found out about the pure magic of coconut oil!!!

I know, I know, you must be so tired of hearing the word “coconut” all over the place but trust me, as far as a beauty product, coconut oil (especially the one from Trader Joe’s) is absolutely amazing. Not only is it the ONE & ONLY product I use all over my body, but I also use it to cleanse internal toxins (more on that below). For now let me show you how to make your own pure and healthy deodorant at home.

Did you know that our skin is an organ? And did know that the leading cause of many life threatening diseases are due to toxins that enter our body through our skin? Especially the very sensitive skin under our arms?
Perspiring is nature’s way of getting rid of the poisons in our body so first and foremost it’s not at all healthy to stop our body from doing so with antiperspirants. The best we can do is to work with the odor. This is why
this beauty tip is so useful.

To preface I must let you know that this does take a tiny bit of work to prepare and it can be a bit messy but I promise you it will be worth it!

You will need equal parts baking soda, coconut oil and corn starch. Your favorite essential oil if you would like to add fragrance.

Baking Soda
Coconut Oil
Corn Starch

Coconut oil’s consistency changes with room temperature. In other words, on a warm day the oil will be liquified while on colder days it will be much thicker. I prepared and photographed these samples on a cold morning.

Mix the three ingredients. This may be easier on a warm day when the oil is softer, or you can liquify the oil by warming it just a tad on the stove. On colder days when the oil is thick, using a deep and heavier container makes it easier to mix the paste.

Remember this is not an exact science – for example I ended up using triple the amount of coconut oil as the powders for the above demonstration.

Once the paste is ready pour it into your favorite container. Any beauty product jar will do. I particularly love using glass jam jars or small beauty product containers.

Now you are ready to use this magic concoction that is going to literally change your life!

More Helpful Tips

  • If you find the paste too dry and solid to apply on colder days, add a drop of warm water and voila.
  • If you find it too liquified on warmer days keep your container in the fridge.
  • If you are allergic to coconut oil try making this with shea butter, almond, jojoba or avocado oil.
  • If you develop a rash it may be due to the baking soda – try using half of that that ingredient.
  • If you prefer an acid-based deodorant use apple cider vinegar – mix with water and dab under arms.
  • If you have witch hazel this works incredibly well too and it’s easy to carry around in a spray bottle.
  • If it stings after shaving wait a few minutes before applying.

Well there you have it – I very much hope you enjoy!

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