You have beautiful prints in hand – now what?

A few items are all you need to display your treasures around the house. Here are a few creative and fun ideas on how to display your works of art!

Idea #1 – Easel & Canvas

Idea #2 – Clip Display

Looking to switch up a countertop or mantlepiece? Line them up with metal paper clips!

These make the perfect stand. Clip the bottom of the print and align the flat edge along the surface.

Idea #3 – Display & Store

Want to store your treasures out of sight but display at the same time?
Start with a box (cigar, chocolate or greeting card boxes work great), then decorate burlap or printed stock paper and display one image on top.

Idea #4 – Accent Tape

Colored art tape is great way to add an element of design to your print display. I loved using rose gold, silver and gold Washi tape (acid free).

Idea #5 – Make a Grid

No more bare walls. Tape your favorites onto a grid and display your best stories.

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